Overcoming Anxiety with Your Breath

August 3, 2017

Overcoming Anxiety with Your Breath

The following poem was inspired by mindfulness meditation using both personal feelings and collective thoughts of others who experience anxiety.


Sometimes I am flooded with anxiety

Worried about future responsibilities, how I can be better, and if I am enough

Sometimes I am plagued by the past, bombarded by questions of what if and if only. 


Like bumble bees anxiety buzzes in my heart then swarms into my core

As every muscles in my body tenses, the desire to curl up, turn off, and check out pulses through me


My breathe shallow and stagnant; my body craves fluidity

Slowly, gently, deeply, I inhale life into my lungs

Slowly, gently, deeply, I exhale the specks of anxiety and worry that cloud my soul


Like whispers from the ocean, the eb and flow of my breath brings my spirit back to shore 

Before rigid and cold, my heart now softens, my nose tingles, and wet warm tears dampen my face

Even in the darkest hour, peace is always within reach


Connections that have cultivated with others flash through my mind like fireflies in the night

I can feel now, in the tips of my fingers remembering those who squeezed me tightly when my heart was shattered

I can see hope now, through the soft glow around me remembering the children and families I worked with who lifted their heads at sunrise pressing on to live a life worth fighting in spite of tragic circumstances

I can hear now, the compassionate voice of my spirit remembering the blissful words it has told me time and time again, "This  moment is yours. May the love of this life always fill your soul." 


-Cameron Dumas, Child, Adolescent, Parent Specialist 


Overcoming Anxiety with Your Breath