REVIVE relationships

Relationship or couples therapy may focus on any number of issues. Many of our couples present to therapy with communication issues, difficulty handling life's transitions, feelings of disconnection and dissatisfaction, and struggles with infidelity or overcoming an affair. We also offer premarital counseling services. Whether you've been with your partner for decades, are just starting out, or fall somewhere in-between, we can help strengthen and repair your relationship.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is one of the healthiest things you can do for your relationship. In fact, we sometimes recommend preengagement counseling - it can be difficult to walk away from an unhealthy relationship once you've started planning your wedding. Either way, premarital counseling can ensure you're taking the next step as prepared as possible. Your therapist will help you tackle the common pitfalls that often end up leading to a divorce. We will discuss beliefs about child-rearing, work/life balance, finances, sex, and more!

Difficulty Communicating

Pitfalls in communication can be extremely frustrating. Many of our couples complain of feeling misunderstood, unheard, or dismissed. Over time, communication issues can lead to significant relationship problems. Couples may find a wall continuing to grow between them or an increase in bickering or even intense arguments. Our therapists can teach you practical tools and techniques to help you get back on track.

Life Transitions

Adjusting to major life transitions like having a baby, losing a job, moving, loss of a parent or loved one, or falling ill can put major pressure and stress on a relationship. Our team can help you learn the skills you need to tackle the unexpected in life to ensure your relationship doesn't suffer as a result. Major life transitions may be classified as traumatic. You may notice a significant increase in anxiety or depression, feelings of hypervigilence, or the desire to isolate. Our therapists can help! 

Feeling Disconnected

It may be hard to believe, but we don't necessarily believe every couple should strive to stay together. If you've felt disconnected from your partner for a long time, we can help you understand why. We can then come up with a plan to help you reconnect or explore whether separating is a better option. Every couple must make this choice for themselves - our therapists will merely help you explore both options. There is no reason why divorces or breakups have to turn ugly, especially if there are children involved. Our therapists will strive to assist you towards maintaining respect and establishing healthy boundaries whichever direction you decide to go. 


Infidelity is one of the most painful events a couple may face. Whether you're trying to recover from a full-fledged affair or discover that your partner has begun to step over the line, therapy can help you recover your relationship. Your therapist can help you talk through your anger, uncover why the affair happened to begin with, and assist you in recovering from the trauma and building trust again.